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Thursday, October 06, 2005

UK: Daily Telegraph editor explains why big format is beautiful

From MediaGuardian: "The fashion in newspapers might be to downsize, but the Daily Telegraph's Martin Newland is fiercely proud to be editing the last remaining non-financial broadsheet on Britain's newsstands.

... Now that the Guardian has switched to the Berliner format, and the Independent and Times have been tabloid for almost two years, Mr Newland claims The Telegraph's broadsheet size is an asset, not a handicap. "I don't believe we're a dinosaur because of the way we are," he says. "I'm interested to see how much we can squeeze out of being the last great quality broadsheet newspaper in the market."

To be launched next week, the new-look weekday paper will include a separate 12-page business section and a 32-page sports tabloid. The features pages will be repositioned after comment, and internet links will be scattered throughout the paper."

... "By keeping the broadsheet format, but adding tabloid "access" points such as the new sports section, Mr Newland hopes to bring in younger readers without alienating the Telegraph's loyal core readership, which includes 300,000 subscribers.

Having just returned from touting the new look to media buyers, Mr Newland is confident that sticking to the broadsheet format will pay. "We make money, lots of it, and part of the reason for that is that we're the shape we are ... advertisers put us well into profit because we offer them a broadsheet format."

Source: MediaGuardian

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