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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Saudi Arabia: Blogging site blocked

The Saudi Internet Services Unit (ISU) blocked the site blogger.com from October 3, therefore preventing Saudi bloggers from updating their blogs. Blogger.com is a hosting service for blogs. Yesterday, Reporters without borders called on the ISU to explain that step. Reporters without borders said, "Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that censors the Internet the most, but blog services had not until now been affected by the ISU's filters. The complete blocking of blogger.com, which is one of the biggest blog tools on the market, is extremely worrying. Only China had so far used such an extreme measure to censor the Internet." ISU, however, did not give any reason. According to tests by Reporters without borders, names under the blogger.com domain are still accessible, meaning that users can still access the blogs hosted on the site.

Source: Reporters without borders

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Justice Hurried, justice Burried

This vedict of this case has raised many questions in our minds.
1. if one wrong commited by us can be reactify by another wrong.as first Justice for Jessica lall was delayed for long seven years and now for Manu sharma "Justice hurried , Justise burried" by delhi high court. This decison was conveyed so quick that it has over rule all process of natural justice.
2. The style and kind of seberina celebration after high court verdict with opening of champagne bottles was never that what common Indian fought nor it is way of an indian.
3. lastly and most importantly main wittness Bina rehmaani is clearly saying in this video that she never said that she had seen manu sharma firing shot at jessica lall as Delhi high court has made it main basis of its verdict in jessica lall case.

we request Indian High Judiciary Be Just because you are deceding the human lives not physical matter, You can't or should not do it for the sake of your media glare.If this trend reach to lower indian judiciary than God is only way to save us.

Posted by: tmtindia at Jan 10, 2007 10:19:43 PM