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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Poland: Newspaper war expected

Things are getting hotter in the already crowded Polish newspaper market. According to the Warsaw Business Journal more than 5,400 press titles exist on this media market. And new launches have been announced. Agora, publisher of Poland's leading quality newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza plans to launch a new newspaper this autumn (see former postings here and here). This week, Berliner Zeitung reported that German publisher Springer, the biggest competitor of Agora in Poland, will also launch a new paper in Poland next spring.

Springer has launched the tabloid Fakt, that was modeled on the German Bild, two years ago. The paper was a great success and with over half a million copies sold each day it is now the biggest paper in Poland. Now Springer is planning to export it's German up-market newspaper Die Welt as well. The launch of a paper like Die Welt would be the frontal attack on Gazeta Wyborcza, states Die Presse.

Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland's first independent newspaper that was founded after the communist system broke down, has lost some of its prestige, writes Berliner Zeitung. The paper was involved in a national corruption scandal two years ago. And last year, the paper revealed one of its sources after some sloppy investigated articles about corruption at the police. To break one of the highest journalistic principles and reveal its source was a big mistake, said media scientist Wieslaw Godzic in Berliner Zeitung. Furthermore, Fakt began to criticize the paper. Agora's new paper could help the Gazeta Wyborcza to rebuild its image and prestige. While the new paper could cover sensational stories, Gazeta Wyborcza could return to its core task: to be a serious source of information, concludes Berliner Zeitung.

Sources: Warsaw Business Journal, Berliner Zeitung (in German), Die Presse (in German)

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