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Monday, October 17, 2005

Japan: Yahoo launches mobile content portal

Yahoo Japan Corp. launched a mobile content distribution service allowing mobile phone users to buy "games, ring tones, news and other entertainment and information from 59 content providers", reports Reuters. The launch is another move towards services on the mobile market. PaidContent writes that "Yahoo Japan plans to get revenues from the new service from fees for settling transactions and collecting payments for content providers." The company also said that it plans to launch a similar service for PC users next year.

Although news is just a little part of this new mobile content portal, it could show the trend where the news business is going. And portals like this are competitors to newspapers, especially when attracting young people. To distribute news on mobile devices will also have an impact on the delivery of news in general. Storytelling, for example, will change. Like the Washington Post mentioned in its article about the future of newspapers, " Long articles..., with complete sentences and linguistic device, likely will dwindle in number and be restricted to the remaining newspapers and e-papers. News on small screens, such as that of your cell phone, will spit out in headlines and blurbs and sentences without articles: 'Mars rodent attacks NASA probe.' "

Source: Reuters through PaidContent, Washington Post

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