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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Wall Street Journal integrates print and online as part of redesign


The Wall Street Journal will change its nameplate as a part of the redesign of the international editions into a compact size beginning October 17 (see former posting). Reflecting the print editions' integration with the online edition the new nameplate "features a sharp black version of the original, 116-year-old Journal banner, over a Champagne-color watermark of WSJ.com, the Internet address of The Wall Street Journal Online", states WSJ.com. Karen Elliott House, senior vice president of Dow Jones & Co. and publisher of The Wall Street Journal, said: "The new design combines the powerful brand we are best known for with a subtle statement of our continuous, around-the-clock presence."

Dr Mario Garcia, who led the redesign, said on Journalism.co.uk: "It is a print and online brand fusion that celebrates the power of words and excellence in business journalism of a single newspaper, regardless of format, regardless of medium." The fusion of print and online identities is at the heart of the paper's redesign of its Asian and European editions. As part of the relaunch special packages combining print and online access and therefore forming an information package to serve mobile businesspeople 24/7 will be offered to subscribers in Europe and Asia. The print editions will contain links to online content in an attempt to deepen the Journal experience. The relaunch will be accompanied by an extensive marketing campaign including ads in TV, print and online as well as launch parties in major cities.

Sources: Journalism.co.uk, KleinReport (in German), WSJ.com

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