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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

US: Newspapers are the "engagement medium" reports study

A study released by the Newspaper National Network (NNN) LP, a national sales rep for the US newspaper industry, reveals positive news for newspapers, reports Mediaweek. According to the 2005 Media Engagement Study newspaper reading is more engaging than consuming other media and that newspapers are an effective and vital advertising medium. Here are some of the findings:

Newspapers come first on the item "Deals with issues I care about", 60% of respondents think that newspapers do so (46% for TV, 45% for internet). 46% see newspapers as the most comprehensive source of news, compared to 35% for internet. Newspaper readers and internet users display the lowest level of multitasking: both groups of media consumers partake in 1,3 other activities while reading or surfing whereas TV viewers on average are engaged in 2,4 other "conscious concurrent activities." The findings also suggests that newspaper advertising is most credible: 42% think that newspapers have credible advertising, compared to 34% for TV and only 16% for the internet. Furthermore advertising in newspapers are the best for product selection: 35% of respondents said that advertising in newspapers helps them to choose which products to buy, compared to 30% for TV and 25% for the internet.

Jason E. Klein, President and CEO of Newspaper National Network LP said: "This Media Engagement Study demonstrates that newspapers are the engagement and empowerment medium. While internet usage has grown, this new study shows that newspapers outperform other media on a variety of important engagement measures."

The NNN Media Engagement Study was conducted by Millward Brown in June 2005 via a web based interviews of 3013 adults (over 18) who read 3 or more issues of a newspaper in the past 7 days. The sample was national in scope and weighted to reflect US age proportions (see NNN website). However, when asking only people who read newspapers on a relative regularly basis (3 or more issues in the past 7 days) it is not really surprising that newspapers received the best results.

The study also revealed the various strengths of the other media: Internet was first as the ?first place I look when I need information.? Television came first in terms of ?is my main source of entertainment.? Radio was received as the medium which is most ?friendly? on a 10-point scale.

Sources: Mediaweek, Newspaper National Network LP

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