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Friday, September 02, 2005

US: Newspaper and entertainment media building partnership

Variety and Tribune Media Services which belongs to Tribune Co., owner of Los Angeles Times, have agreed on a syndication deal, reports LA Business Journal. Tribune Media Services, together with Reed Elsevier Plc, publisher of Variety, is said to launch its entertainment news service on September 26. Stories from Daily Variety, Weekly Variety, Variety.com etc. will be available to subscribers of the Tribune Media Service.

LA Business Journal stated: "The arrangement is intended to boost revenues at Tribune, which like other media companies has seen circulation of its newspaper properties drop in the face of competition from cable, the Internet and other new media."

Newspapers are trying to boost revenues and entertainment is something that sells. That is why such partnerships with entertainment papers and magazines might become more common ( see also previous posting).

Sources: LA Business Journal

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