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Monday, September 05, 2005

UK: Regional paper launches 'fresh' features to attract new readers

Examiner_2The Huddersfield Daily
is launching some new features today in order to attract "new younger readers while keeping its existing loyal readership happy", reports HoldtheFrontpage.

The paper introduced a new 12-page supplement called Fresh. As the Huddersfield Daily Examiner states, Fresh is "all about going out and having fun. Each issue will feature a rundown of the latest movies, listings for nightclubs, gigs and comedy, an in-depth look at the local bar, pub and music scenes, plus food and shopping features." In contrast to the traditional day of Friday for entertainment the supplement will appear every Monday. The paper did not have a supplement on Monday before. Jenny Parkin, head of content, said on HoldtheFrontpage: "We wanted to give Monday a specific new identity. People can buy the paper and plan their week of fun ... It is aimed at teenagers to 30s, but we hope that everyone will be interested in it." The first issue of Fresh will contain a "free bottle of beer for every reader offer" and a text-only competition where readers can win a Playstation, reports HoldtheFrontpage.

Another new feature is the new weekly series "Your Village" that will run up to next Spring. The series is about entertaining histories of the villages around Huddersfield. The paper stated that the series is a response to feedback from readers who are interested in local history and nostalgia. In addition, a mini-series about Huddersfield hangings is planned to appear soon. Other subtle changes were introduced in response to readers' feedback. Jenny Parkin said on HoldtheFrontpage: "Some readers tell us they find our headlines a bit too big and black. So we've looked again at the typeface and chosen a slightly different one that's a little softer and friendlier-looking." Loyal readers will also have the chance to win a BMW. To participate they have to send in 20 tokens from 30 printed in the paper in September.

Source: HoldtheFrontpage

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