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Monday, September 19, 2005

Switzerland: Free paper is biggest newspaper

Last week readership data for Switzerland, published by WEMF REMP, showed big gains for the free paper 20 Minuten, reports KleinReport. 20 Minuten increased from 782,000 to 948,000 readers year on year, partly due to the launching of new editions, and is the biggest newspaper in the (German speaking part of the) country. The Zurich tabloid Blick lost 19,000 readers in the same time, reaching now 717,000. The well-respected Neue Zürcher Zeitung increased readership year on year from 316,000 to 331,000, but is far behind 20 Minuten. While most German language daily newspapers showed slightly decreased readership, Sunday papers (SonntagsBlick, SonntagsZeitung and NZZ am Sonntag) could increase their readership.

The biggest daily in the French speaking part, Le Matin, increased its readership from 331,000 to 353,000. Many other French languages dailies lost readers. Le Matin's publisher Edipresse plans to launch a free paper in the French speaking part before the end of the year (see former posting). The biggest Italian language daily newspaper Corriere de Ticino slightly increased readership from 113,000 to 119,000. Other Italian language dailies increased readership as well (La Regione Ticino: 111,000 from 94,000, Il Caffè della Domenica: 125,000 from 106,000, Il Mattino della Domenica: 88 000 from 82 000).

Sources: KleinReport (in German), The Guardian

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