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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

South Africa: Targeting "cool" readers

Naspers, publisher of South Africa's best selling newspaper the Daily Sun, will launch a new newspaper called Nova in South Africa next week. The new paper, that will be sold in Johannesburg and Pretoria, is targeting the new generation of "cool" young black professionals as well as their white colleagues, reports BBC. Nova's founder Deon du Plessis said on BBC: "We are aiming it at...the COOLS - the career-focused, online, out of time, living to the max and doing it all in style."

The paper is said to focus on careers, money and style and will therefore move beyond racial politics. Plessis also told that black professional "were tired of reading about racial politics in the country's newspapers" and said: "Colour has disappeared from their lifestyle ... It's not about politics, it's about moola (township slang for money)."

Source: BBC

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