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Friday, September 16, 2005

Reuters breaks into mobile video news

Following up on its Internet video news site launched in the spring and its news content for mobile phones in the UK and US, Reuters has joined forces with mobile telecom giant Vodafone to include video feeds for its mobile customers, reports Media Bulletin. For a monthly GBP 3 fee, subscribers receive updated financial market information and more than 20 video clips per day. Alisa Bowen, head of Reuters.co.uk, said: "The growth in downloads of video from our websites, where more than 1m clips are viewed each month, made it clear just how popular video news has become. It was an obvious next step to make this available on mobile devices, combining it with the existing financial data and text services to offer a truly multimedia experience." The move demonstrates the ever-increasing independence of news agencies from newspapers as they connect directly with consumers through technology.

Source: Media Bulletin

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