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Friday, September 16, 2005

Italy: one in three journalists consult blogs

A survey of 400 Italian journalists conducted by an Italian consulting company has found that a third of them read blogs on a daily basis. E-periodistas reports that 50% of these blog browsers link to political blogs, 45% to tech blogs and 35% to culture and art blogs. 72% said they do so out of curiosity and only 21% scan blogs looking for new information. 46% percent admitted that they access most blogs through links placed on other blogs. However, a mere 4% of blog-reading Italian journalists find blogs to be credible. A quarter of the surveyed journalists have their own blog, 38% using their blog as a means of "creating a space of discussion" and 32% as a "professional experiment." Overall, 60% of the journalists questioned feel blogs have the capacity to transform the information world, mostly by "changing significantly the means of news generation and distribution."

Source: e-periodistas (in Spanish)

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