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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

India: Newspaper editor resisting corruption

Harivansh, editor and CEO of Prabhat Khabar has successfully "run an independent newspaper without compromising on the traditional values of journalism in a state notorious for rampant corruption, crime and volatile politics", writes Exchange4media. In an interview on the same site he talks about his experience working at the vernacular daily newspaper Prabhat Khabar.

Asked about how he deals with threats from politicians, criminals and the like, he answered: "At first I used to get a bit intimidated by the threats and pressures put on me, but now I have come to accept them as part of the job. As long as I know that truth is on my side and what I am doing is right and for the good of all, I am not concerned. I will never compromise on the truth. There are nearly 30 cases filed against me. Moreover, I have no personal interest neither any political affiliations."

He also said that his newspaper is more a movement than only a newspaper: "We have been following, what I would call, civil society journalism. The paper has always given voice to the people. We have managed to stay in touch with our readers ... Over the years, ever since I took over as editor 15 years ago, people have come to associate Prabhat Khabar as a newspaper giving information about their surroundings. We have a loyal readership base. We raise the readers’ awareness levels through a series of informative articles."

Sources: Exchange4media

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