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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Free subscriptions for bloggers used as marketing tool

The magazine The Economist gave blogs that talk about politics and business free subscriptions to its website Economist.com, reports Folio:. Ron Diorio, senior producer at Economist.com, said on Folio:, "We’re nurturing the influencers ... Everyone is a blog writer. They are beginning to influence mainstream media ... We just want to let them know they have access to our content free. We don’t want to push anything on them." As Folio: states, "The idea is that bloggers who mention The Economist.com because they read and liked something sent to them will link to the Economist site. Those people who come in from blogger sites are great candidates for subscriptions."

That idea could prove useful for newspaper websites, that charge for online content, as well. Recently, the The New York Times (see previous posting) and the The New Zealand Herald (see former posting) moved premium content behind a paid wall. To ensure that the commentators, whose articles are now only accessible to subscribers, remain influential and can even help to find new subscribers, "nurturing" bloggers could be one way.

Source: Folio:

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