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Friday, August 05, 2005

Washington Post: Dual home pages get positive feedback

Mid July the WashingtonPost.com launched dual home pages, one for local Washingtion DC area residents and one for national and international audiences (see previous postings here and here). After some weeks the feedback by users seems to be overall positive.

Jim Brady, Executive Editor on WashingtonPost.com, said on CyberJournalist.net: "As for the two home pages, the feedback has been largely positive. We're now able to do day-parting on the local page because, for the first time in the site's history, we know the time zone of a large majority of the people using a home page. So we're promoting traffic cameras during rush hour, more aggressively promoting weather stories, etc. It's really given us an outlet for local stories that historically we've always shown some restraint with, since so many of our home page users are national and international. So I think we feel liberated." A problem issued by many users is the lack of notification on the site that shows which page one is on. According to Jim Brady the WashingtonPost.com is already working on it. And some users miss a direct link to switch between the two home pages.

Source: CyberJournalist.net

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