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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

US: Professional and citizen photographs

At most news sites professional and citizen photographs are still seperated, writes Steve Outing on Poynter. He came to this conclusion while looking for photos of the Hurricane Katrina. He cites Nola.com as an typical example for this separation.

He suggest that a combination of the best photos from both, citizen and professionals, would do better: "From the perspective of the Web reader/viewer: I'd like to see a single gallery of the best images from the storm, whether they be from staff photojournalists, wire-service photojournalists, or citizen photographers. In a story like this, there will be citizen photos that are more powerful than what the pros come up with. So why not mix them up to produce a hurricane-image gallery made up of the best photographs, period? ... Staff photos are labeled as such, and citizen submissions are clearly labeled as coming from an eyewitness amateur photographer ... I would not want to rely on citizen photos alone to understand the breadth and depth of Katrina's impact, but they can add to the pros' body of work to give the viewer a better overall picture ... my expectation is that professional photojournalism plus the best of citizen news photography will best serve the public."

Source: Poynter

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