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Monday, August 01, 2005

Lachlan Murdoch's first love were newspapers

Like his father Lachlan Murdoch's first love were newspapers. "As a schoolboy he took summer jobs that included a stint cleaning the presses in Sydney and time as a subeditor on the Sun and the Times in Wapping," reports the Guardian. In an interview with Editor & Publisher Lachlan Murdoch said in 2002: "I grew up every morning at the breakfast table with my dad flipping through the New York newspapers. Back then, papers were everything." In contrast sister Elisabeth is said to be "wedded to broadcasting" while brother James is a "self-confessed technology zealot" (see the Guardian).

According to Editor & Publisher Lachlan Murdoch was in charge of the company's Australian newspapers, U.S.-based television stations and the New York Post. After he surprisingly announced his resignation on Friday (see former posting) many wonder why he leaves. As stated by CNN Money a report by the Wall Street Journal said that "Murdoch and his adult children are clashing over this split of the Murdoch family trust, which owns a controlling 28.5 percent stake in the media conglomerate that Murdoch runs." The New York Times states that "the chief issue was Lachlan's feeling, which he expressed to several people close to him, that his father interfered in his business dealings and undermined him, particularly over the last 18 to 24 months."

Lachlan Murdoch's decision is also seen as endangering the 'dynasty': "His decision to quit leaves Rupert Murdoch's long-held dream of securing a smooth dynastic succession looking more precarious than ever," writes the Guardian. Meanwhile it remains unclear how Lachlan's leave will effect the newspapers he was in charge of.

Sources: The Guardian, Editor & Publisher, Brandrepublic, CNN Money, New York Times

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