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Monday, August 22, 2005

Gulf Press Union launched

Sorry that we missed reporting about this very positive development, but a new regional press union launched May 14. The Gulf Press Union (GPU) includes all Arabic and English newspapers, more than 40 in all, in Yemen and the six Gulf states, reports IJNet. According to Gulfnews.com , GPU "is the result of five years of intensive consultation between the editors-in-chief and managing directors of Gulf newspapers." The union's headquarters are in Manama, the capital of Bahrain. As IJNet states that the GPU is "an independent, professional, nonpolitical, nonprofit organization. It aims to foster cooperation among media organizations, share media-related information, organize journalism training, and help protect press freedom and the rights of journalists." According to Gulfnews.com "the union would also attempt to negotiate collectively with companies, such as newsprint and ink suppliers, to get cheaper prices for its members." Turki Al Sudairi, veteran Saudi journalist and editor-in-chief of Saudi Arabic daily Al Riyadh, was elected first president of the GPU.

Sources: IJNet, Gulfnews.com

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