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Thursday, July 21, 2005

UK: first citizen photography agency

Early July the first agency for citizen photographers, Scoopt, launched. Following from the fact that many people have mobile phones with cameras nowadays, Scoopt wants to promote photographs from people accidently being at some place when something newsworthy is happening. They just have to register, which is free, and than to send their photo. Scoopt will then try to negotiate a good deal with some news media and split the take 50/50. According to Poynter "Scoopt is pretty much for amateurs only; professional photographers won't like the site's insistence on six-month exclusive rights to images that it pitches to the media. Scoopt founder Kyle MacRae explains the rationale for asking for exclusivity in this exchange with Citizen Paine's Ari Soglin. MacRae's argument is that he can negotiate the most lucrative deals by offering media clients exclusivity on an image."

Source: Poynter, Scoopt

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