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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Israel: The first place I look for information is the internet

Yet another study is finding that newspapers are loosing ground while the internet is gaining. A TGI survey published on Tuesday revealed a 67% increase in the use of the internet as the main source of information among Israeli adults. According to Globes the number of respondents agreeing with the statement "The first place I look for information is the internet" rose from 23% in January-June 2003 to 38.5% in January-June 2005. That is still less than half of the population but the trend is highly visible. Meanwhile almost all newspapers lost readers, up to 10% within one year. However, exposure rates of some religious and ultra-Orthodox weekend newspapers rose, but on a relatively low level.

Analysing that the study corresponds with results from other countries the Poynter states: "It's a good time to be in the Internet media business, clearly." Apparently that is what Rupert Murdoch thinks as well (see former posting).

Sources: Globes, Poynter

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