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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Germany: print supplements on blogs and young readers opinions

Germany’s fifth largest newspaper, Rheinische Post, has launched a new bi-monthly supplement titled Opinio, which consists thoroughly of web-postings, written and reviewed by its readers. The newspaper hence follows a new trend that has already been utilized by other German media corporations, such as Bremen4u, mostly to attract young readers. The printed version Opinio stems from the website of Rheinische Post, where writers of the Opinio weblog have to registers and may thereafter write short articles on any topic they please, or comment on their fellow readers’ postings. The articles are classified in various sections on Opinio’s website, varying from a forum by “student for students,” general interest, such as reviews for newest movies and exhibitions, family, and work life, to topical sections for politics and business news.

Impossible to know when the supplement was launched this year and how many pages for each supplement!

Source: Opinio via Jean-Frédéric Farny, SPQR, in France

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OPINIO is online since December 04.
The first OPINIO-magazine (24 pages) came out in Feb. 05. The Magazine is every 4 weeks a supplement of Rheinische Post. Additional the newspapaer has a weekly OPINIO-Page, consisting of articles from the Page.

Jan Popp-Sewing, OPINIO-Team

Posted by: Jan Popp-Sewing at Oct 5, 2005 5:21:56 PM