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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Editors, do you know what is a WOM unit?

"Do your brand managers know how many WOM Units they’re getting out of next year’s media plan?" asks AdAge. The answer is NO because you don't know what is a "Word-of-Mouth unit". maybe you will have to know more about this notion: "That’s a media-neutral way of referring to a consumer comment... “If a company purchases an ad, it’s an ad. If people talk about the ad, it’s a WOM Unit”... It also includes “depth” -- which evaluates the “richness” or amount of information available in a WOM Unit, “assuming that these aspects increase message persuasiveness.” That means, a video e-mail would be deeper than, say, a text message." I am sure this idea of WOM units could be developed in online and print newspapers, article by article or section by section.

Source: AdAge through MediaPost

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