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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Diversifying a newspaper's products for profit

Rising advertising sales despite dwindling circulations has been a common occurrence in the newspaper business as of late. Last week, Paul O'Halloran, general advertising manager of the UK's Manchester Evening News (MEN), outlined his company's approach to making this seemingly backwards trend work. Poynter tells the story of how MEN diversified its product, ultimately gaining sales and advertiser satisfaction. Since November, the paper has split into morning, midday, and evening editions accompanied by a free morning paper, magazine style inserts, and an afternoon commuter focused version. On top of that, the paper's website and deals with TV and radio have made MEN's product attractive to advertisers, the very advertisers that will keep the paper afloat as O'Halloran essentially predicted the end of paid circulations: "There will be (fewer and fewer) people buying the newspapers and there won't be a revenue model there. We have to give the newspaper away for free."

Source: Poynter

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