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Monday, May 30, 2005

World Press Trends: Newspaper Circulation and Advertising Up Worldwide

Timothy Balding, Director General, World Association of Newspapers

The circulation of newspapers in the world increased strongly last year,
and, at the same time, newspaper advertising revenues made significant
gains, said Mr Balding, presenting WAN's annual survey of world press

The survey said that global newspaper sales were up 2.1 percent over the
year. Unlike previous years, growth was not only driven by gains in
developing markets, but increases in sales in many mature markets.

"It has been an extraordinarily positive 12 months for the global newspaper
industry," said Mr Balding. "We have come to expect big circulation gains in
developing countries, but it has been a very long time since we saw such a
revival in so many mature markets. Newspapers are clearly undergoing a
renaissance through new products, new formats, new titles, new editorial
approaches, better distribution and better marketing."

"Despite the incredible competitive challenges in the advertising market,
newspapers have more than held their own and their revenues are strongly on
the increase again," he said.

The main figures showed:

- Circulation grew 2.1 percent worldwide in 2004, taking global sales to a
new high of 395 million daily.

- The total number of daily titles was up 2 percent in the world in 2004 and
up 4.6 percent since 2000.

- 2004 saw the best advertising performance in four years, with a revenue
increase of 5.3 percent.

- The audience for newspaper web sites grew 32 percent last year and 350
percent over five years.

The survey, which WAN has published annually since 1986, this year includes
information on all countries and territories where newspapers are published
-- 215 in all.

More details at WAN

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