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Monday, May 30, 2005

Joi Ito: Tool talk & Copyright

Japan's Joi Ito--Neotony CEO, investor, Technorati VP, and transparent media/digital blogger uber-guru is talking about web tools--creative commons licensing, video copyright issues, Techorati as a discovery and tracking tool.
Joi doesn't talk about famous he is, or the joi ito IRC channel he sponsors, or the wide discussion of his recent comments about being "bored" with blogging because of all the people who comment on every word he writes, but knowing the depth of his experience definitely brings resonance to his comments--until the moment he concludes with (another) hysterical video/web political remix--and the very serious news that parts of the mainstream media in the US are now blocking access to Bush footage, presumably because they DON'T want to see more re-mixing (and copyright issues) happening.
The audience gets his points loud and clear--and if they're really listening--they'll recognize Joi is not only talking about new tools, but about the new for new--and more--open--copyright news on the part of the media.

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