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Monday, May 30, 2005

Introducing generation c...

Andrew Nachison, the moderator of the open forum "Is anybody a journalist?" begins the session by summarizing the idea of "generation c" -- that group of people that are creating their own media content in a variety of forms...

The question is "How will a generation of talented storytellers use multiple forms of media to create and share stories..."

One example he mentions is "Craig's list" which -- more than a classified site -- is the creation of a whole community... The key to its success, says Nachison, is "trust" -- "Trust is the new trust" Nachison says that same principle should govern the way publishers and journalists deal with generation c... basically they need to "Support, facilitate, enable, empower and enhance the value of know-trust networks that you don't own or control."

Tarek Atia

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Generation C stands for Content, Creativity and Control. Please see http://www.trendwatching.com/trends/generation_c.htm

Posted by: Raymond Kollau at May 31, 2005 9:11:46 AM

I think the C stands for content,as in the content generation.

Posted by: Zebunnisa Burki at May 31, 2005 7:58:06 AM

Please elaborate. What does the "c" represent in "generation c"?

Posted by: Rosalea Barker at May 30, 2005 9:52:43 PM