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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

UK: management changes in 2004

The UK arguably experienced the the most turbulent 2004 in turns of transforming the newspaper business, a year which is nicely summarized in an article on Mediaweek. From tabloids to new owners and management, the British newspaper market was shuffled almost beyond recognition. A few examples: although the Daily Telegraph saw new management, sticking to broadsheet has not helped its sales in a market saturated by tabloids; tabloids paid off for The Times, picking up 15% on the year and overtaking the Telegraph in sales for the first time in November; The Independent's sales were up 17% on 2003 but the article argues that this rate will drop in 2005 because of the new Times format and The Guardian's plans to switch to a "Berliner format"; The Financial Times merged its online and print advertising teams and cut its Creative Business (media and advertising) section down to once a month, a money saving decision... The list of restructuring goes on and will be interesting to follow. In light of all the changes, Stuart Taylor, commercial director at The Guardian says that, " 2005 will be an important time for us as we concentrate on building upon our successes of 2004." But he urges that the industry as a whole needs "to continue to stress the value of newspapers as an innovative and effective medium.”

Source: Mediaweek

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