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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Russia as the world's roughest emerging market for media

Very, very good paper from Jonathan Watts, The Guardian about the russian media industry through a portrait of the Interfax boss: "The price of success in the Russian media industry is death threats, ever-present bodyguards and murderous moral dilemmas. So as the most successful information entrepreneur in post-Soviet history, Mikhail Komissar has had to get used to 24-hour protection and constant questions about whether he is too close to the leaders his organisation reports on. He has changed his will and the ownership structure of his company, Interfax, to prevent his rivals seizing control through assassination; he has sent his daughter to study overseas, where she is less likely to be kidnapped, and left letters with lawyers in other countries that are to be opened in the event that he is murdered. Such precautions are, Komissar explains, business as normal in one of the world's roughest emerging markets."

Source: MediaGuardian

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