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Friday, January 28, 2005

Chicago Tribune launches program to keep subscribers

From MediaDailyNews: "In a bid to keep its subscribers on board, the Chicago Tribune this month launched Subscriber Advantage, a program that will provide benefits to any subscriber of the paper who signs up and activates an account... The program offers subscribers special discounts from Tribune advertisers, special events, Q&A sessions with Tribune journalists, a Chicago help desk and hotline, and complete access to the Tribune's online archives."

Source: MediaDailyNews

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hello Sir/Mam

Iam a MBA student, my name is shobiya,now iam doing one project related with indian news paper cirulation and distribution(Tamil nadu kerala,karnataka).today only i saw your web address thorogh net.sir please help me.

i want to know 2004 circulation rate?
which one is going to large sale?
what are the areas they are covered?

This type of information i want sir so please help me.

Posted by: shobiya at Feb 7, 2005 8:03:25 AM

hm... it's focusing alot on rewards that might not be useful to users. having a rss feeds is something useful. but yet it did not do.

Posted by: Ng Wai Mun at Jan 30, 2005 7:27:18 PM

On keeping subscribers, a question -

Why aren't all papers offering bundled internet service plus subscription? Changing your ISP (and email address) is enough of a pain to make you think twice about dropping your subscription.

Also, if anyone knows - how much does it typically cost a paper to provide internet access to its subscribers?

Posted by: Anna at Jan 28, 2005 9:45:39 PM