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Friday, January 28, 2005

Blog confusion (2): and now the CIA says Eric Alterman

In a former posting, I was wondering about the sponsoring of an Iraqi "independent" blog by an organisation called "Spirit of America". It seems that now a fierce debate takes place in the US about these Iraqi initiavives. Timothy Karr, editor of mediacitizen, reports that "A recent argument between two of the better known bloggers, Eric Alterman and Jeff Jarvis, has spread across the blogosphere. The point of conflict is Alterman's suggestion that two Iraqi bloggers might have CIA ties, made while he was a guest on MSNBC. Jarvis, also a guest on the program, took great offense, citing Alterman's inability to provide any facts as "ammoral [sic] rumormongering." Now the two are airing out their differences via their heavily trafficked websites."

Source: mediacitizen

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