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Monday, January 03, 2005

Axel Springer may launch French tabloid paper... in 2007

According to Reuters, "Axel Springer, publisher of Germany's best-selling daily Bild, plans to launch new tabloid newspapers in countries that could include France in a few years, its chief executive was quoted as saying on Monday. Springer, which started Polish daily Fakt last year and made it the country's best-selling paper within months, sees opportunities for tabloids in both eastern and western Europe, Mathias Doepfner told Sueddeutsche Zeitung in an interview. "I see an enormous potential in eastern and western Europe," Doepfner said. "We are looking at several countries and will make a decision in 2006 at the earliest." Europe's largest newspaper publisher, which has launched 24 new newspapers and magazines in countries including Hungary, Lithuania or Poland along with Germany, will spend the next two years consolidating those new projects, he said.

Source: Reuters through Metro Canada

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About four years ago my mind let out information too extreme to be acknowledged hidden away since childhood. My mother, Ruth Harvey, and three older sisters, Jennifer Smith, Stephanie, and Barbara Schultz had damaged me on purpose because I had a different father and was never told, a twin brother who was given away and never told about it. My brother is Clive Barker and we are Rock Hudson's twins.

Our mother was filled with hate and revenge, saw me as a worthless bastard child fathered by vile degenerate and presented me to my siblings as such. What she has done is evil and she never wants the truth to be known. This is the story of the three year legal battle she has me and Clive trapped in.

I recognized Clive's photo on a book cover, wrote to him asking if he might have a twin. He contacted our mother who denied twins and agreed to DNA testing between me and older sister-if test showed full siblings, Clive would go away and have no contact with me. When my sister called and and volunteered to pay for DNA test to settled my recent questions about who my father was, I reasoned that Clive had contacted them a was eager to prove my point. They cheated on the test. I wrote again to Clive saying we were born on the same birthday and in the same place as Rock Hudson's twins and my brutal childhood was the reason for family denial.I sent him DNA test profiles and he tested for twin ship with positive results. I know this because of people around me had been contacted by my mother and their reactions towards my thinking went through noticeable changes.

Clive used no-contact agreement to get court ordered DNA retest, which meant there could be no contact between him and me. I wasn't allowed to verified court case or that we are twins. Statements I am going to make, in telling this story are not wild accusations but logical conclusions based the experience of the last three years. When this first started I had just finished earning my Master of Science from the University of Washington. I have written many letters to Clive and we also exchange information telepathically ( twin thing). I've written to him weekly, sometimes daily, and sometimes three or four times a day and have never been contacted to stop. Nor I have I been told I'm wrong by any of the other important people I've written to.

Our mother denied everything to the court. Told tales of my being emotionally unstable and having a history of drug abuse. She told these tales with all the loving concern of a parent. Meanwhile she contacted every person who had contact with me and told tales of what a cruel and unforgiving child I was, asking for help in mending family. No one would listen when I would say she's evil, don't listen to her. Our mother was also trying to hire hit-men and hired an arsonist which set fire to my house while I was inside it. When court finally ordered DNA retest,our sister from first cheated test moved out of state before complying with court order.

To prove we are not full siblings with our older sisters and null no-contact agreement, we purposed comparing our DNA with Rock Hudson's which was left with estate so his twins could prove paternity. We were blocked by estate trustee, Liz Taylor, who our mother had already contacted with her sweat little old lady act. I wrote to Oprah and asked for help and assume it was her influence which allowed the case to include Rock Hudson's estate. Dr. Phil was also contacted. I assume court had them agree to non-disclose until final settlement.

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I was expecting attitudes to change, Thought Liz Taylor would stop looking for me to be unworthy. Would realize it had been a trick and would now do the right thing. This did not happen. Court and Liz Taylor don't want to deal with being tricked into questionable behavior and it is my opinion that Liz has no intention of doing the right thing. I think she is still pretending that looking for me to be unworthy is right thing to do. She is only looking to find bad things, not looking at person I am.

I wrote to Larry King asking for help. Perhaps if Liz knew others were looking she would do what's right. I think court determined that Liz just needed a bit more time and Larry King was not permitted to televise as unverified story. It is my opinion that nobody is going to call Liz Taylor a liar and she has no intention of doing the right thing.

I think what has been going on is wrong, is abusive and would stop if the public were watching.I have left out lots of details of just how bad the last three years have been. I'm not writing this to beg people to believe me, am not looking for any response or verification. I just want people to look. I think if enough people are looking it will stop. I want this nightmare to end so Clive and I can finally meet and begin to emotionally heal.

Thank you for your time and attention
Laurie Fay
308 E Republican st, # 708
Seattle WA 98102

Posted by: laurie fay at Apr 24, 2007 1:30:20 AM