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Thursday, December 23, 2004

What journalists can learn from bloggers?

It's a very balanced article written by Steve Outing, Poynter online about what bloggers and traditional journalists can teach one another. I have selected some quotes: "Mainstream journalists could learn a few things from bloggers. And by doing so they just might ensure their survival in a media world turned upside down by the Internet. Bloggers and mainstream journalists likely won't end up as twins, but perhaps cordial cousins... "

"Let me suggest that current trends are pushing mainstream news organizations toward a new way of doing journalism that is a bit more blog-like...

The Internet, of course, has speeded up the news publishing cycle. No longer is it easy for a news organization to sit on a big story and publish it at a set time, when all the dust has settled...

"We have owned the printing press for centuries; now the people have the power of the press" through blogs, Jeff Jarvis, Buzzmachine says. "They are speaking and it's our turn to listen and engage them in conversation." To do that represents a profound shift in the type of journalism practiced in the U.S. and most Western countries with?a free press...

One significant difference between mainstream journalism and blogging is the way each handles its mistakes. On this one, the bloggers seem to have an edge. With much in common as well as many differences, bloggers and mainstream journalists should be looking to one another for ideas on how to navigate our newly revised media world.

Source: Poynter online

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