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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Microsoft sells Slate to Washington Post Co.

Here is the beginning of the article written by the editor of Slate, Jacob Weisberg: "Today the Washington Post Co. announces that it is buying Slate from Microsoft Corporation, our home since we began publishing in 1996. When the transaction closes in mid-January, we will leave the splendiferous House of Bill Gates for the munificent House of Don Graham." Good start, but after you understand what is the meaning of "political correctness". To make a long story short, the Slate's editor says that everything was perfect under Microsoft reign... and that everything will be perfect under Washington Post reign. Remains a positive assertion: "readers are likely to notice little, if any, change in the magazine." OK but who can believe that synergies between Slate and Wapo - Newsweek Interactive will not affect the editorial contents and assets of the current online magazine? Losses were acceptable for Microsoft, not for WaPo. On the other part, it's true that the Washington Post has more opportunities - than Microsoft - to develop an online magazine under its umbrella: New York Times online supremacy could be challenged. In fact, I was expecting prospective views from the Slate editor, but I got only a nothing-will-change answer! Dommage! (what a pity!) Sources: Slate. See also the Washington Post

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