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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Wikipedia Creators Move Into News 

Another example of citizen journalism, launched this month, this time by Wikipedia. According to Joanna Glasner of Wired News, "after doing much in recent years to revolutionize the way an encyclopedia can be built and maintained, the team behind Wikipedia is attempting to apply its collaborative information-gathering model to journalism. Through a new effort, Wikinews, members of the open-source community who write and edit Wikipedia's encyclopedia entries are encouraged to test their skills as journalists." "Our mission is to create a world where citizen journalists report the news on a wide variety of current events" says the main page of Wikinews.

"The news site follows a similar set of rules as the encyclopedia, which allows anyone to edit and post corrections to entries, so long as each change is recorded," reports Joanna Glasner. Unlike Wikipedia, Wikinews will present original material rather than just compiling and summarizing information found elsewhere, according to the news site's organizers. For future submissions, organizers also want to set up a system for accrediting Wikinews reporters who have actively participated in the project. The current rendition of Wikinews is an experimental version that, according to Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, offers just a taste of what's to come when the news effort builds momentum."
92 articles have been written so far, featuring among others subjects the Ukraine political crisis, and the creation of a trade area by China and South-East Asian countries.

Sources: Wired News and Wikinews

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