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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

US elections: a failure of mainstream media, but not what you believed

Jay Rosen, Pressthink, has recorded 21 articles about the failure of mainstream media during the US presidential campaign. But his conclusion is original: he is convinced there was a failure but not the one columnists witnessed: "A reportage to meet and inform those passions is not the same as "news to help in your decision". It never came about. The passions went elsewhere. This is one way journalists "lost the plot." I don't think Big Media lost an election they were trying to win for Kerry. But I'm curious why some people do. I believe the political press largely (though not entirely) failed in 2004. It failed to innovate. It failed to move with the times. From what is called the mainstream media, "the famous MSM," we did not get a reportage suited for the political era we were actually living in. That means Big Journalism failed some ultimate test of currency: to report the truth about our struggles with politics... in time."

Source: Pressthink

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