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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Swedish new trend: Svenska Dagbladet drops registration on the web

Thanks to Hans Kullin, Marketing Communications Manager in Stockholm, Sweden, for this interesting posting explaining why a Swedish leading newspaper turns 180° its web registration strategy. It is insightful, especially in that its strategy is the total opposite of British newspapers'. (see former posting). "Svenska Dagbladet has stopped offering premium content to registered visitors of svd.se and is instead aiming for increased reach to attract advertisers. The paper has broken a downward trend and recently increased the number of visitors to the site, in terms of unique web browsers. According to Mattias Fyrenius, Manager of New Media at SvD, the paper has redesigned the web site to make it clearer and added content like travel, wine and stock information. In addition, Fyrenius tells Dagens Media, SvD has started a weekly newsletter with game and music reviews to attract more readers. With the launch of the newsletter SvD also dropped the demands for registration to access premium content because registration became a big obstacle for the readers. SvD.se had 676,000 unique visitors during October wich is an increase with 39 per cent from the same period last year. SvD also launched Sweden's first op-ed blog this fall and is one of a number of Swedish media that has started distributing content via RSS .

Source: Hans Kullin, Marketing Communications Manager, Linklaters, Stockholm

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