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Monday, November 29, 2004

Revival of the "good news" paper?

The idea of a "good news" newspaper has been numerously debated upon in reaction to the constant flow of bad news featured by newspapers. In the Philippines, it looks like this idea might materialize: according to publisher, Jose Cruz-Santos, "the bad-news syndrome could be an explanation for why fewer Filipinos are reading newspapers. You don’t want to get upset first thing in the morning when you scan your paper, he says. I wouldn’t buy a paper that tries to scare me and my family everyday. the dailies report the good news only below the fold, or in the inside pages." The solution would be to launch "a newspaper that reports only good and nothing but good news." The launching of such a newspaper has yet to be confirmed, we will keep our eyes open for further information on this matter.

Source: The Manila Times

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Thanks for the great idea! :)


Posted by: Nikole Jolie at Nov 30, 2004 8:13:05 PM