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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Strange media award to IslamOnline

At the beginning, it sounds good: "Journalists from developing countries were awarded prizes last week for their reporting on water, sanitation and hygiene issues.But the second part of the Science and Development Network's article is less convincing. "The WASH Media Award, established by the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council in 2002, went to Nadia El-Awady, an Egyptian journalist, and health and science editor of the IslamOnline news website... Her winning entry, entitled 'The Nile and its people', discusses the pollution of the river that has been described as Egypt's 'vein of life'. "This is an outstanding piece of journalistic work — clear, concise and investigative," said Robert Lamb, chair of the panel of judges." I don't know Nadia El-Awady but I'm quite familiar with IslamOnline and especially its training media courses for young girls called "Hijab Campaign". Just have a look on the site and you will understand my estonishment and worry to see IslamOnline awarded!

Source: Science and Development Network through topix.net

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