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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Journalism and the public: restoring the trust?

Leonard Witt, Public Journalism Network, plans to begin a serie of interviews under the heading "Journalism and the Public: Restoring the Trust". His first interview was with Buzz Merritt who recently wrote a book with Maxwell McCombs entitled “The Two W’s of Journalism: The Why and What of Public Affairs Reporting.” I just quote one question... "Leonard Witt: Do you think journalists and the news industry that supports them are ready and willing to change? David Buzz Merritt: Not yet, insofar as the news industry is concerned, but getting close. The crunch of diminishing readership (and survey ratings such as the one you mentioned) and resultant profit reductions has led too many companies to panic and reduce their level of journalism. This is a vicious spiral that apparently isn't yet painful enough to force companies to look for fundamental new approaches. But it will be. I suspect that as the spiral continues, more and more journalists will be open to a different approach. Obviously business as usual isn't working for either journalists or companies. Because of the distressing way in which they will arrive at the point of ready to change, they will surely then be willing.

Source: Public Journalism Network

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