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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

New Spanish-language daily newspaper in Houston, USA

"Meximerica Media, a U.S.-based publishing company, announced that Rumbo de Houston, its second Spanish-language daily newspaper, has started publication on August 30. After the successful launch of Rumbo de San Antonio, Meximerica Media continues its efforts towards establishing a new chain of Spanish-language dailies in Texas with the launch of Rumbo de Houston, to be followed by subsequent launches in the Lower Rio Grande Valley and Austin in September and October. Rumbo (pronounced room-bo), comes from the Spanish word often associated with the Latin American phrase meaning "heading north" and, by implication, heading to move up in life. Rumbo de Houston is a complete full-color, tabloid-size, Spanish-language newspaper, primarily aimed at Hispanic men and women between the ages of 21 and 54.

The paper has its own staff of reporters covering local and community news of particular interest to its readers, including education, personal finance, and health. Rumbo de Houston also offers in-depth national, international, sports and entertainment news coverage, with particular emphasis on Mexico and Latin America.

"We are proud to introduce Rumbo de Houston to the city with the fifth largest Hispanic population in the country," said Chief Executive Officer and Editorial Director of Meximerica Media, Edward Schumacher Matos. "We recognize the importance of Houston's Spanish-speaking population and are confident that our high-quality journalism standards will enable us to continue building our network."

Rumbo de Houston will cost 25 cents and will be distributed at some 2,500 points-of-sale throughout the city, including supermarkets, convenience stores, stores, restaurants and red coin boxes. Rumbo's launch in Texas is being supported by an aggressive .7-million marketing campaign to attract readers."

Source: Publicitas

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All the protest over the name for the new Houston Soccer team has me asking one question. Why? Why would Hispanics living in texas be upset that we tore away from an evil dictator? Not to go into a history lesson, but santa Anna took over Mexico with a military coup. Anglos and Tejanos alike lived under the constitution of 1824. Santa Anna abolished the constitution and establised a central goverment. Not good for anglos or tejanos. Do hispanics even know the names of Juan Seguin, Jose Antonio Navarro and Lorenzo de Zavala? Just a few tejanos that fought for independence. There were also tejanos that died in the Alamo fighting for independence. My point I'm making is why would Hispanics want Texas to still be a part of Mexico? Didn't they leave Mexico and come to texas for a reason? My guess would be that there is too much oppression, corruption and poverty in Mexico. The same circumstances would be here if Texas was still a part of Mexico. Mexico gained it's independence from Spain in 1821, cinco de mayo. Mexico has been unstable ever since. Do you think the Spainish get upset over the celebration of cinco de mayo? would Mexicans even care? My guess is no. Bottom line, be happy Texas is what it is today. Be thankful to the anglos and tejanos alike who won our independence to pave the way for Texas to become a part of the greatest nation ever. That is what brings us here, and that is what keeps us here. God bless America, God Bless Texas.

Posted by: Lee Hawkins at Feb 21, 2006 11:47:17 PM