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Friday, July 30, 2004

U.S: Reviewing the DNC bloggers

After a whirlwind and sometimes mind-numbingly boring four days on the blogosphere, the Democratic National Convention is finally over. Mark Glaser of Online Journalism Review went on a blog-only diet during the convention and here reviews the wreckage and the triumphs: "It's easy to criticize many of these first blogging efforts from the media companies. Many of them don't include links to each separate post and don't include comments from readers with each post. MSNBC's Hardblogger and CNN's Convention Blog both included reader input only as an occasional post with vetted comments in a mailbag format. ... The Big Media blogging efforts are sure to be messy to start with, usually buried under so much other content on their sites, and not always the top priority of the news division. But when star pundits are taking turns writing for Hardblogger, and the posts are made under a name-brand news site, the mass audience unattuned to the blogging elite might just pay attention."

Source: Online Journalism Review

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