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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Barron's editor: Print media should prepare for a "long goodbye"

From Barron's: Here's a depressing column from Barron's online editor Howard Gold, who says "the print media's malaise runs deep. ... In fact, we may have reached a tipping point: The long, long decline of print media (especially newspapers) may soon pick up speed, while the Internet has continued to make huge strides -- even through the dot-com crash -- and will increasingly occupy the high ground." Gold says advertising revenues won't pick up for most newspapers and magazines and that's why desperate American papers such as Newsday, Hoy and the Chicago Sun-Times have resorted to inflated circulation figures. Meanwhile, he writes, Internet news sources are gaining more readership and advertising bucks with the spread of broadband technology. Gold doesn't discuss at all why the majority of newspapers are doing such a poor job of interesting readers, in terms of editorial content. But he does give this prognosis: "I still think newspapers and magazines are doing some of the best journalism around. They have the resources, the talent and the experience, and the print medium lends itself to in-depth reporting. I'd hate to see that change, because we need more, not less, thoughtfulness in our public discourse. The top names in print will surely survive the coming shakeout. Some of them, like ours, saw the promise of the Internet early and established strong presences online. But for others, I'm afraid it's going to be a long goodbye."

Source: Barron's

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