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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Nieman Watchdog, a great new resource for editors

Last week, we wrote about Dan Froomkin's Nieman Watchdog article on blogging and mainstream journalism. Now, we've heard a little more about the new Nieman Watchdog project and want to let you know about it. Here's the word from the folks over at the Nieman Foundation at Harvard: "The Web site...is an outgrowth of the Nieman Foundation's Watchdog Project, created in 1996 with funds given by Murrey Marder, a retired diplomatic correspondent of The Washington Post and a Nieman Fellow in 1950. It is Marder's vision that the Web site seeks to promote: 'Watchdog journalism is by no means just occasional selective, hard-hitting investigative reporting,' he said. 'It starts with a state of mind, accepting responsibility as a surrogate for the public, asking penetrating questions at every level, from the town council to the state house to the White House, in corporate offices, in union halls and in professional offices and all points in-between.' It operates, Marder said,'as an instrument of democracy.'

"The editor of Nieman Watchdog is Barry Sussman. Sussman was a Washington Post editor for 22 years. As D.C. editor he directed the Post's coverage of the Watergate scandal. Later he was a public opinion analyst for the newspaper, serving as co-founder of the Washington Post/ABC News Poll, writing news and analysis from the polls and also a column on public opinion for the Post's National Weekly edition.

"The deputy editor of NiemanWatchdog.org is Dan Froomkin, a veteran reporter and editor. From 2000 to 2003, Froomkin was second in command of editorial operations at washingtonpost.com, and currently he writes washingtonpost.com's ?White House Briefing? column. He has been a reporter at the Winston-Salem Journal, the Miami Herald, and the Orange County Register. He has taught journalism at The American University Graduate School of Communication and The Poynter Institute."

Source: Nieman Watchdog

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