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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Digital photography: More output, but less quality?

Stanley Greene (bio below), a photojournalist with the Vu Agency in Paris, claimed today at the 11th World Editors Forum that in photojournalism today, there are more images produced because of the digital revolution, but there is less quality. If it goes on like this, he says, editors could "kill photojournalism." Greene suggests that photojournalists should regularly be accompanied by technicians who could share some of the photographer's workload.

Stanley Greene has worked with the VU Agency in Paris since 1991, photographing war zones, political upheaval and human rights crises from Sudan, to Chechnya, to India, to Rwanda. He is the recipient of the first prize this year from World Press Photo in the category of Daily Life.

Previously, Greene photographed American presidential campaigns, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the political evolution of Eastern Europe for publications such as The New York Times, Liberation, Stern, Newsweek, The Globe, The Times of London and Paris-Match.

Greene was born in New York in 1949. He holds a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute.

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