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Friday, April 30, 2004

Arab news channels use photos of abused Iraqi prisoners; US newspapers more prudent?

According to AFP, "leading Arab satellite news channels Friday aired photographs of US soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners that were first broadcast on US television (CBS), saying they showed the "inhuman" conduct and "savagery" of the abusers." The strange thing is that the story received full coverage in The Guardian, the Scotsman and the Financial Times in the UK, in The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia, but little coverage by important newspapers in the States (as New York Times and some others, even if brief stories were published the day before). Friday at 10 AM (New York time), the story was added in some websites, but with light coverage. Nothing in the Slate's summary of what's in the major U.S. newspapers and nothing on topix.net, the new news agregator! At noon, President George W Bush said he shared the widespread disgust over the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by US troops (see the BBC story).

Excerpts of the AFP story:

"Qatar-based Al-Jazeera and Dubai-based Al-Arabiya, both of which have been accused by Washington of stoking anti-US sentiment in their coverage of Iraq, also interviewed legal experts about the photographs, some of which depicted US troops alongside naked Iraqi prisoners in demeaning sexual poses. Another showed a hooded Iraqi prisoner with wires attached to his hands forced to stand on a box. He had reportedly been told he would be electrocuted if he fell off...

The photos showed "the unethical and inhuman" conduct of the American soldiers, said the presenter of Al-Jazeera, which opened some of its news bulletins with the pictures taken at Baghdad's Abu Gharib prison. Al-Arabiya said the "humiliating" pictures showed the "savagery" of the American soldiers involved, and might be "one of many cases which did not become known to the world...

The White House said Friday that the United States "cannot tolerate" the alleged abuse of Iraqi detainees by US soldiers. Spokesman Scott McClellan said "the military is taking strong action against the individuals responsible for these despicable acts."

Source: AFP and The Guardian

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