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Friday, February 27, 2004

Should newspapers go into mobile marketing now?

"Is the time right for mobile?" asked Frode Ugland, Head of Mobile Development, Telenor, Norway, at the 2004 World Newspaper Advertising Conference & Expo organised in Amsterdam, Netherlands by the World Association of Newspapers. Mr Ugland, who works for Norway’s largest and most forward-looking mobile telephone service, said that the increasing use of colour and pictures on mobile telephones means the time is right for newspapers to get into the business.

Excerpts of the Frode Ugland speech:

?There is nothing worse in business like being right at the wrong time,? said Mr Ugland, who raised the question: ?Should newspapers go into mobile marketing now, or wait a little bit??

?It has been said that we?re a competitor to the newspaper business, but of course we?re not,? he says. ?We?re great at distribution and even better at billing, but we don?t have the content. The business won?t grow without your participation.?

With the colour revolution which has occurred in the past year, and the increasing availability of MMS to send pictures by phone, ?the possibility to distribute your news is even better on mobile phones. This is what you do really well -- it?s pictures and text, and it?s easily accessible for the
user,? he said.

?Newspapers already have a broad media reach. At relatively low cost, you can market your content to mobile phone users. In my opinion, it?s a time of evolution. You can easily enter the market now. Do not wait for revolution -- do not wait for 3G or new technology to hit the market -- you already have the market.?

Source: Larry Kilman, World Association of Newspapers.

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