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Friday, February 27, 2004

Leading Arab journalist named as Al-Arabiya director general

Abdul Rahman al-Rashid is just named as the new director general of the Al-Arabiya, the Arab satellite television network said. Rashid, a Saudi national, was previously the chief editor of the pan-Arab daily Asharq Al-Awsat for five until the end of 2003. He resigned, but remained a contributor to the paper's opinion and editorial section. The newspaper is published in London and owned by Saudi Research and Marketing Group, a company controlled by the Saudi government.

Source: AFP

Excerpts of the newswire:

"Rashid is a major Arab journalism and media talent and by joining the group he will further Al-Arabiya's success over the past year," Ali al-Hedeithy, the general supervisor of Al-Arabiya and its sister MBC television, said in a statement. Prior to that, the US-educated Rashid was chief editor of the weekly Al-Majalla, which along with Asharq Al-Awsat is published in London and owned by a company controlled by the Saudi government.

Dubai-based Al-Arabiya was launched a year ago by its Saudi owners as an alternative to Al-Jazeera. Like its Qatar-based rival, it has broadcast messages and videotapes attributed to ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden and his deputies.

Al-Arabiya broadcast Tuesday a purported recording from Al-Qaeda's number two Ayman al-Zawahiri in which he condemns France for banning Muslim headscarves in public schools. It's broadcast of a purported Saddam tape on November 23 led Iraq's Governing Council to ban it from reporting from the country for almost two months charging it with "inciting murder. The council lifted the ban on January 28 saying that the "channel has promised to work in a professional manner."

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